How can contacts share my messages on social media sites?

Video transcript:

We can actually check out all the different ways that your contacts have to share your messages on social media sites by just creating a little test message, taking a look within the editor so you guys can see what’s there, so let’s do that now via Messages, Create Newsletter, we will use the New Email Creator. I am just going to put in some filler text, since we’re just taking a look for testing purposes, so this is just our test to show all the different social media buttons we have available.

And then, I’ll find a template that I like to use, let’s say I want to use this template. And then once that loads and you’re in the edit step, if you find the social sharing option here on the toolbar on the right, click that and you will be presented with all the different buttons that you can include on your message. So for example you could use the Facebook Like button and if one of your subscribers clicks this that shows on their own Facebook account that they like this message, for example. So you can see you can provide all of them and you can just do this by double clicking and it will be added to the bottom of your message by a double click or you could of course manually drag and drop it into somewhere else in the editor if you would prefer. So with this of course they could like it on Facebook, the could retweet this message on their Twitter feeds, they could post it to their Pinterest boards, they could share it with Google+, they could use this in-share option and also they could forward it via email as well. These are all the different ways that you can choose of course just one of these, different combinations of them, so that’s all you need to do is either drag it over or double click whichever one you want and it will be toward the bottom. This lets your subscribers post this on their own social media site, which could be pretty cool and really get some brand awareness for you and get people knowing more about your messages.