How can a contact unsubscribe from my campaign?

Video transcript:

The way that a contact, one of your subscribers, is actually going to be able to unsubscribe from your campaign is simply by clicking on the unsubscribe link that is automatically provided in the footer of every message you send out through GetResponse, so you don’t have to worry about adding it in there, it’s automatically placed in the footer. So as you see you don’t exactly see it in the editor but let’s take a look at a delivered newsletter for example that I have already sent to myself as our little test. As you can see here at the footer, automatically there is the unsubscribe link, so if we click this, this is what it’s going to look like for them, they can actually update their details, they can change the name and email address that they would prefer to get your messages to, or they can just unsubscribe, so they will choose which ones they wish to unsubscribe from. This is of course the current one the message was sent from as the subscriber, and then you simply unsubscribe and remove yourself from the list. And once you do that, they can tell you why they have unsubscribed to give you some more information about why they unsubscribed or were removed from your list to help you kind of keep a gage and see maybe common reasons why people are not getting your messages for example. And also within the editor itself you can actually add another unsubscribe link, so if you’d like to give your subscribers more than one opportunity rather than just in the footer, maybe in the header you’d like to be able to let them know they can unsubscribe, so you could do that very easily by using the merge word here that is called removed. We will scroll down here from the personalized field and it’s going to automatically generate an unsubscribe link. The link is going to be pretty long, and so maybe what you could do, what I have seen people do pretty commonly is you could hyperlink it. You could do something like click here to unsubscribe. And so then you’ll just hyper link the word remove or I guess probably here, exactly, and for the URL just input the merge word remove and this will generate yet another unsubscribe link. So those are your options, we automatically put on in the footer and that’s how you can add another unsubscribe link in your messages if you would like.