GetResponse iPhone App

The world’s easiest email marketing on the world’s easiest smartphone.

Video transcript:

GetResponse is the world’s easiest email marketing tool. But when you combine it with the world’s easiest smartphone it gets even more amazing. Discover GetResponse version 2.0 for the iPhone. It’s a beautiful way to keep track of your email marketing campaigns while on the go.

With GetResponse for iPhone, you instantly tap into your campaigns, your contacts, your messages and your statistics. Best of all, you can instantly view a message you previously sent and even resend it.

Are you stuck in a traffic jam and want to line up your day? How about sending a special offer to your subscribers right from your iPhone.

That’s right, you can now email your entire list from your phone, it’s a fantastic way to keep in touch with your contacts while you’re on the move or stuck in traffic for that matter.

Need to search your contacts quickly, it’s easy, its real time and fast – or maybe you need to add someone to your list right away. Adding a subscriber right from your phone couldn’t be easier with GetResponse. You can add contacts manually or from your iPhone’s address book, it’s that simple.

GetResponse for iPhone is great for checking your statistics, too. No matter where you are you can instantly check your newsletters and then follow up on what emails you’re doing, check their open rate, click rate and more. You can even email the report to yourself or to your boss.

GetResponse for iPhone, the world’s easiest email marketing on the world’s easiest smartphone.