GetResponse Inbox Preview

Check your email design in 20 email clients with a single click.

Video transcript:

Okay, so you’ve just created your next email and it looks great, but are you sure it will look great when your subscribers open it? After all, there are enough email platforms out there to make anyone’s head spin. What happens if your email doesn’t render correctly in one or more of those platforms?

Not rendering correctly in Yahoo Mail could reduce conversions by almost 10%, Gmail another 7%, Outlook a whopping 27%. GetResponse has a solution that prevents those nasty oops moments. A one click tool that lets you preview our email designs in multiple email platforms and popular browsers. We call it Inbox Preview and it’s the easiest way to insure that 100% of your subscribers see what you want them to see, no matter which email platform they use. You’ll get addicted to the blazing speed and ease of use of Inbox Preview.

All it takes is a mouse click to fire up the test and within moments screenshots begin appearing in your inbox. Best of all, Inbox Preview is free for unlimited use for all GetResponse customers – so what are you waiting for?

Fire up Inbox Preview and see your design.