Create Autoresponders

Get tips on creating effective autoresponders.

Video transcript:

Even the most carefully planned campaigns will fall through if they are sent to the wrong people at the wrong time. Why not make a difference – it’s time for Autoresponders 2.0, Action and Time-based messages that will reach your recipients at exactly the right time. And what’s even better, once set up they require minimum effort, they simply run themselves for you. This advanced marketing automation solution is now within your reach, with an intuitive yet powerful interface, tips and tricks series, getting started cycles, online crash courses, a step by step training program. Use the limitless potential of the new Autoresponders 2.0 to build an effective follow-up cycle, unlimited messages for day and in a cycle, flexible scheduling options and super easy template design.

Now hit Save and Publish and you’re on your way to building lasting and profitable relationships with your audience. The action-based autoresponders will let you plan complete email programs based entirely around your subscriber’s behavior. Your recipient opened your message or clicked the link in it, now you know what he/she is interested in and can follow-up with more relevant content automatically.

Schedule your autoresponders using one of your past emails or create a completely new one from scratch. Want to stay in touch with a customer who has just purchased your product, use the Goal Reached autoresponder and address them with a  Thank You email, product tips and tricks or a discount coupon for future shopping.

That’s not all – the new autoresponders also let you create notifications and updates whenever your subscribers details change. Welcome new contacts with exclusive offers, your offer overview or customer service contact details. Send birthday cards, anniversary rewards and renewal notices, or follow-up with more messages whenever another message criteria is met.

The new autoresponders offer the maximum freedom of creation with the most intuitive and straightforward interface. Use the interactive timeline to preview and manage your follow-ups, or quickly change their order. View all your autoresponders and follow-ups on a list, quickly modify follow-ups timing, view stats, edit or duplicate your messages. Choose from past creative’s or create it from scratch. Use advance timing settings, schedule your autoresponder to go out immediately or with time delay, or send them at the same local time no matter where in the world your subscribers are. Send once, or every time the particular event occurs. Create powerful advanced email marketing programs with just a few steps all in one place.