Can you capture contacts with a survey?

Video transcript:

You can certainly capture new contacts or new subscribers with a survey, all you need to do whenever you’re in the survey editor, choose a subscription form and simply just drag it into your survey, so you could do it at the top, at the bottom, in between some messages, it’s totally your choice, so just drag it over here and then you can actually edit it and choose which campaign you would like them to be added to, any notes you want to save, make the field required, and you set up your opt-in settings for the signup form in the settings step of the survey. So if we go back to settings you actually see the opt-in settings here, so if you want it to be double opt-in or single opt-in, you’ll set it up there and then it’s actually within the question and answer section of your survey that you can just move over the subscription form and capture subscribers in that way.