Can my newsletters be viewed online?

Video transcript:

Yes, your newsletters can indeed by viewed online, this could be helpful for example if you wanted to have a view online link in the message that people can open up in their browser if they would like, or if you’re wanting to share it via Facebook or Twitter, something like that, you would need to have it to be able to be viewed online and by default that is the setting, but I want to show you a couple of things to see what it’s going to look like when people can view your messages online let’s take a look in the campaign settings.

Pick a campaign that has your newsletters in it for example then click the settings wheel to the right, after that you want to go to the Profile tab, and scroll down and you can preview what this would look like. Here you want to choose the newsletter directory, and that will open up with a directory, an archive of all the newsletters that you’ve delivered for this campaign. So for example if they click on this it will open up the online view of the newsletter that you delivered to your subscribers, for example. So that’s what it will look like, how you can view it, is through the newsletter directory and it will bring you to that page that looks like this again, and you can view the history of the years you’ve been sending out messages, things like that. This is how they can be viewed online when they’re delivered they are placed here, but if for some reason you don’t want your messages to be able to be viewed online, all you need to do is go to Messages, My Newsletters, and just turn this to off, you’re going to see it there just within delivered. So after you have gone and delivered a message and sent it out, if you don’t want it be viewed online and have that option all you need to do is click this to off and it will not be included in your newsletter directory and no one can actually view this message online they can only view it if they were actually sent the message as a subscriber.

So that’s all you need to do, you’ll take a look at it through campaign settings if you want to see what it looks like for view, and if you don’t want them there you can very easily just turn this off in My Newsletters.