Can I use my own HTML template for my message?

Video transcript:

You most definitely can use your own HTML template for a message that you can send out through GetResponse. So if maybe you’ve created a message through some outside service or some designer or someone has created a message for you, you most definitely can import that into GetResponse and I will show you how to do that now.

I’ll go to Messages, Create Newsletter, choose the New Email Creator, and then give your message name and subject, so new offer for Christmas, this is just for my reference, and then the subject that your subscribers would see, just for example, I’m going to be uploading a Christmas offer that we have – just for example. Okay, so all that looks okay, so I’m going to go to Next Step and now on the template section I’m going to scroll down and choose the import option right here. So then you have the option to paste an HTML code itself from a zip or from a URL, so I think it’s most common to have it from a zip, let’s say from your designer or from some another service, so that’s what we’re going to show today.

So from zip, and then you need to just choose the file that you have in your computer, please note that UTF-8 in coding is going to be required, so here is my zip file and then there you can see all of the – this is going to be all the images, links, code, everything like that, that was in my zip file, now click import.

And there, there you see all the code for your entire message, but I’ll show you guys what it looks like as well, what it will look like in the editor, so it’s got all the code and all the elements implemented. I’m going to click this icon right here, and then you can actually see your exact message that you have been pointed to, images and links and everything like that.

Then you will just go through like normal and continue scheduling or choosing recipients for this message, but it’s definitely very simple to import a message or template through an outside service into GetResponse.