Can I track my sales with GetResponse?

Video transcript:

You’re actually able to track your sales within your GetResponse account. GetResponse provides you with a tracking code to help you identify contacts as customers, so to get this tracking code you need to go in your account Statistics, Email Analytics. Once you’re there, on the left side of the screen choose Goals, after that you want to go ahead and create a new goal if you haven’t already done so.

When you do that you’re going to create a new goal profile and may also be asked to verify your domain for your website. You will go through all the steps of creating the goal, and we actually also have a PDF step by step manual for creating this. On the Help section of the GetResponse website, in the download area, you’re going to see the Setting Up Goals manual to lead you through this step by step. But basically what you’ll need to do is once you set up the goal and this tracking code is presented to you, you will put that code on a page on your website that your customers see after they perform the action that you’re wanting to track, like a sale. So for example this could be a thank you page that they see after purchasing your product for example.

So after you’ve got this setup and you’ve got the code on your website, you can send out an HTML message from GetResponse with a click tracking on for the links that you have in the message, and the links actually direct to your sales pages. This way we’re going to be able to track who is clicking on the links and then the tracking code will also be able to track once someone has made it to the thank you page and the sale has been completed, and then you can always view and keep up with how these goals are going through the Goal section in your account as well.