Editing a ready made template.

Video transcript:

Here we would like to show you how very easy it is to create a great looking message using one of the GetResponse templates, so to do that let’s go to Messages, Create Newsletter, choose New Email Creator, and put a subject line, and the next step is the template section and there are hundreds of templates available, so definitely take a look around and find one that you really like, but I really like working with this one, for example. So we’re going to open that up and begin to customize this for our own content. I am for example going to add a pre-header into my message, I like to have one in my messages and we definitely recommend that you guys add a pre-header to your messages. We’re also going to increase some spacing from the pre-header and my message body to really set it apart. Okay, that looks nice.

Now I would like to of course customize this photo, I want to choose something different. This is one that I like to use, yes that looks good. Okay, so that’s a nice image, we can say this is a summer newsletter for example. I am going to resize the image box, because this is just a bit too big for what I wanted to share, maybe just a bit more, and then you can actually move the image to kind of fit in with what you would like. There, I think that looks nice. I might actually play around with the background a little bit, just to kind of set it apart.

Maybe like a light blue-grey or something like that – that looks nice. Now I will use some warm colors throughout my message to just make it really feel warm and more like summer, so I might do an orange. Something like that looks good, I’m going to shorten it up a bit, we don’t need that much. I have some text here I am going to be increasing the spacing, it looks really good with about three. I would like with my text to be a dark grey and maybe this green – something like that. And of course, this is just filler text okay, so you’ll fully customize the text, just simply delete what’s there, just the filler text and manually type in what you would prefer to have. There, that looks good.

Then we can do something maybe a little bit similar, some dark grey, a little bit more space between these and I might even add a button in between the two pieces of text. The button is a good way to kind of include a link for example in your message, but it really sets it apart and draws the eye to this section into this particular element of the message. So I went ahead and extended it all the way across to create a break for the eye. I am going to make it though, the same color as the headline, and I don’t want any rounded corners I want it to go straight across. For example you can just delete what’s here, this is just for example of what it could say, and I also want to edit the spacing.

I want there to be a little bit more from the bottom to kind of separate it from this text, like 17. That looks good, I think that looks pretty nice, so this can be kind of an introduction to your newsletter for example, what you’re going to be talking about, the headline and then the introduction with the text here. This could link to your website, for example I am going to just put GetResponse but you could put your homepage or some other page, so this is actually hyperlinked. This is like a quote, so maybe you were telling some type of story or something here and you’d like to really bring up the specifics or bring out some type of text you thought was important. So we will actually make the background the same color that we’ve been using but maybe just a little bit lighter, and then we can center the text and make it a little bit smaller, so there’s a little bit more space in between. Maybe not so much, so that looks pretty nice actually, that really creates a flow to your actual newsletter that is of course starting with the elements that were already here but customizing them to what’s going to work best for you.

Again, I am just playing around, but maybe I want a little bit less here, bring it all up a little bit closer. We don’t actually need this other button, so if you don’t need something in the template, we don’t need that – maybe I want to add, I could delete that instead of actually having text I want one more image to go below my quote.

Maybe I could find another summertime nice looking image available in my images. Maybe something, we were talking about road trips or something, a summer road trip, so another type of image that looks good. I am going to resize the image block – again I don’t need it so-so big, we can move the image up again to have what I would like, and I am actually going to have this be my footage information. I might delete this and add one more image block – excuse me, text block at the bottom here, decrease my spacing just a bit and then for a footer, it could be just good information that you always have at the end of your messages, maybe it’s all the same thing like a signature and something like that, and that looks good to have at the bottom. I usually center that, make it about 12, and I will also make it kind of a grey color. That looks nice, it has a nice flow, and it’s a nice color to maybe kind of get the feel of summer across. It’s starting with a template so it’s very simple, definitely recommend save as a draft as you’re going just in case you need to leave the message for a minute to do something else, you’ve got your most recent changes saved. So we know how to use that button, if you want to hyperlink a text, for example say you’ve got some mention here of some website or something you would like to redirect your subscribers to, all you need to do is highlight the text, click on this insert link icon, and again I am going to use GetResponse as an example. Then you can see it’s hyperlinked.

Again, it’s good to get the layout setup first, the elements that you want to include in this message and then you’ll go ahead and customize the text. Remember this is filler text, so you type – something like that, so it’s totally up to you, this is your content but this is a great way to get started and really customize it and make it look nice and really keep your subscribers interested and engaged.