How can I analyze results of my mailing?

Measure and analyze the results with GetResponse Email Analytics.

Video transcript:

Are you looking for email analytics that are smart, advanced, and easy to use? Tools to help you maximize your email marketing results?
Then get ready to take your business to the next level. The GetResponse Email Analytics tool is easy, intuitive, and can help you understand and optimize your campaigns.
Segmenting your list is easier than ever. ONE CLICK, and you’re done. And it’s just as easy to track important metrics.
Track the timing of email opens. Analyze click-throughs. Monitor performance goals, such as downloads, purchases, and revenue.
Compare the results of your messages side by side to find out what’s working and what isn’t. Or view your entire follow-up sequence at a glance.
GetResponse Email Analytics includes automated reports, interactive graphs, and performance charts that are easy to read and even easier to leverage.
Subscriber stats allow you to check the size of your list instantly, verify new contacts and opt-outs, and find out which sign-up methods your audience prefers, so you can adjust to their needs.
You can measure the buzz your emails generate across the web. Count tweets, likes, and other actions in the top social networks. And then decide which social sites work best for you.
Compare subscriber use of desktop versus mobile. View stats on particular email programs and browsers. Optimize your emails to match audience preferences.
Use global view to locate subscribers all over the world, monitor their actions and responses by location, and drill down to individual stats.
Intuitive GetResponse Email Analytics puts a complete, easy-to-read view of your email marketing at your fingertips, so you can watch your marketing results grow, stat by stat.
Get started with GetResponse Email Analytics now!