Why do I need to add cookies notification on my landing page?

Adding cookies notification to my landing page

In many countries, the use of website cookies entails an obligation to comply with certain legal requirements. Some laws require that you provide detailed information about how you use website cookies and obtain the website visitor’s clear prior consent to use cookies.

This guide is intended to help you comply with legal obligations arising from cookie laws.

According to EU cookie legislation (considered among the strictest) a website owner must obtain prior informed consent to access or store information on the user’s computer, phone, tablet, or other device. This means you must ask landing page visitors whether they agree to allow you to use cookies (and similar technologies) before they browse the landing page.

To comply with cookie laws,  you are usually required to:

  1. determine what kind of cookies the landing page will set and how you will use them;
  2. inform visitors that you set cookies, why you set them, and what they do, and then obtain their consent for such use.

Regarding  (a) above: The cookies GetResponse places on your landing page include, for example, first-party cookies, third-party cookies, session cookies, and permanent cookies. We analyze cookies to improve the user’s website experience. Please take this into account when creating your cookie policy.

Regarding (b) above: Before visitors start browsing the landing page, you must provide clear Information on the use of cookies and get each visitor’s consent. Under many laws, consent may be implied but must be given knowingly. This means that if you rely on implied consent, be sure your visitors fully understand that their actions will result in cookies being set.

Below is a cookies notification message that might be appropriate for your website if you use an analytics tool such as Google Analytics. Your cookies notification should also include a link to your Cookie Policy and a confirmation button such as, “Got it!”. Your Cookie Policy should include information about which cookies your website uses and how you use them. Remember that you’ll need to adjust this message to match your specific uses of cookies and other information.


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Learn how to add cookies notification to your GetResponse landing page.