What types of lists can I import? Do my contacts have to reconfirm subscription?

You may import any permission-based mailing list into GetResponse.

All imports are single opt-in, meaning that we will add your subscribers to your list without sending them a confirmation email or asking them to click a link to verify their subscription. We are assuming that you have the permission of every subscriber on the list you are importing.

You can import files:

– saved in CSV, TXT, VCF, XLS, XLSX, ODS formats only,
– encoded in UTF-8,
– the file cannot be bigger than 10 MB,
– the line length of a single entry should not exceed 512 characters,
– only the first sheet/page of the file will be imported,
– malformed email address like “john@aol”, “johnaol.com” or “@aol.com” instead of “john@aol.com” will not be added. Also, special characters !#$%^&( )|\, an empty line or emails longer than 128 characters will be recognized as syntax error,
– when importing custom fields as radio or checkbox type, their values should be the same as the ones defined as default in that custom field settings (example: you want to import a contact gender which you defined as male or female in contacts>add custom field, in this case a value “woman” from your file will not be added),
– when importing phone numbers use only example format +1902XXXXXX (no dashes),
– when importing date custom fields use only YYYY-MM-DD format,
– it is not possible to import multiselect values for the custom fields,
– to separate columns for example in .txt file use comma, semicolon, keystroke or tab.

Optionally you can copy and paste the emails for import. You can enter only one email address per line, if you want to add any custom fields along with the emails you need to separate them with commas, to add a second entry press enter, example:


Finally, you can import them from a 3rd party services for example salesforce.com, Zendesk, Magento itp.

The file with contacts should contain separate columns for names, emails and other custom fields you want to import. To import custom field values you need to first create custom fields in contacts>>add custom fields.

Before the list is imported to your campaign (called a “contact list” in the new GetResponse) it will be run against multiple algorithms that estimate the list quality. Depending on the results of the evaluation the list can be approved or rejected.

If you do have permission from your subscribers, but you haven’t engaged the list for a while and believe it may be stale, here is how to fix a stale list.

Prohibited list imports

If your list is not permission-based, it is prohibited to import it into GetResponse. Such lists can degrade our email reputation and cause deliverability problems for all of our customers.

Please do not import any lists where you don’t have explicit permission from every subscriber. Such lists may include: purchased leads (even if they come with “claimed”opt-in information), so-called “safe lists”, list-washed, bought or purchased email addresses, rented lists, co-registration leads etc.

Importing a non-compliant list is a violation of our ToS and may affect your account standing.