What types of A/B tests can I choose from?

There are five different types you can choose from. Each test is an individual
part of the message that will be tested.

When you decide to test the content of your message, the A/B test messages will
differ by the content only. Anything else, such as subject line or from field, will
be taken from the source message. If you choose an already existing message for
this test, its subject line and from field email address will be replaced by the one
from the source newsletter.

In this test you can define up to five different subject lines for one message.
This should help you decide which one of them is most catchy and generates
the most opens.

Find out how the from field that you choose can make a difference in your stats. In this test you can use up to five of your existing from email addresses, previously defined
in your account settings.

Very often the key to successful email marketing is the timing. If you deliver
the message right when your subscribers are ready to receive it, you have
the most to gain.

Decide between the sending day, where you define a day of the week.
Your A/B testing messages will be sent out on the selected days, always
at the same time of the day.

You can also find out what hour is the best to get the most out of your audience’s
attention. Pick one day and define different sending times on that particular day.