What is new in GetResponse? Watch video

GetResponse has a new look. We’ve improved the design and structure of the control panel. Here are the main changes you can expect to see:

  • New design that makes it possible to complete tasks faster. Features and functions are easy to spot, identify, and use.
  • New structure designed to improve navigation. You can now add widgets to the Dashboard. Use them to select what statistics you’d like to track there. The main navigation bar on top of the Dashboard page is now organized into new features and categories. The new organization eliminates the need to click back and forth to complete tasks.
  • A new featureCRM—to create pipelines that help you match your sales process.
  • New solutions that simplify and streamline the steps that you need to take to complete your tasks.


What happened to “campaigns”, “subscribers”, and “saved searches”?

Besides introducing the design, structural, and functional changes, we’ve also replaced the terms “subscribers”, “campaigns”, and “saved searches”:

  • Subscribers are now contacts
  • Campaigns are now contact lists
  • Saved searches are now custom filters

The change doesn’t affect the way these elements are used.


How has the organization and structure changed?

When you first log into your account in the redesigned GetResponse, you’re going to see the new Dashboard. By default, it shows six widgets: Subscriptions, Newsletter stats, List stats, Quick actions, Workflow stats, and Explore new GetResponse. You can add more widgets from the Widget library to further customize your dashboard to display the information most relevant to your marketing needs. To learn more about how to add and set up widgets, please go to How can I customize my Dashboard with widgets.

Click the Profile icon in the top right corner to navigate to Manage account, where you can edit your account details. From Profile, you can also access Multimedia studio, manage Domains, view Billing, or get to the Integrations & API page. Note: Currently, it’s not possible to access Multiuser settings and Add-ons from the new GetResponse.

The top navigation bar takes you to GetResponse features:

  • Contacts
  • Email marketing
  • Automation
  • Landing pages
  • Webinars
  • Forms and surveys
  • CRM

Dashhboard toolbar

There are some important changes to what’s included there and what you’re going to see when you click on the icons. A new feature has been added, some features have been reorganized, and some have been moved.


New feature

New GetResponse comes with a new feature: CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Click the CRM icon in the toolbar on the main page to access the Manage pipelines page. Use the toolbar menu to navigate between CRM and the rest of the features in your GetResponse account.

CRM toolbar

To learn more about what CRM is and how you can use it, please go to What is GetResponse CRM?


Reorganized features


The new Contacts category includes links to Lists, Search, Statistics, List hygieneSuppression lists, Custom fields, and  Import statistics.

toolbar items available within Contacts

The options to Add contacts and Import contacts have been removed from the old Contacts menu.

old GR Contacts menu

In the new GetResponse, you add contacts from the Contact lists page (click Contacts to access it). Additionally, you don’t need to click separate links to add individual contacts or import them to your account. Simply click the Add contacts button on the Contact lists page to start adding new contacts to your lists.

 Add contacts button in contact lists


To learn how to do it, please go to How can I add contacts to my list.


Email marketing

A new category—Email marketing—contains the following:

  • Newsletters
  • Autoresponders
  • Drafts
  • RSS-to email
  • Statistics (specifically, what used to be Email analytics in the old menu)

Click on the feature icon on the main page.  Then, use the toolbar menu to navigate within Email marketing or to access the rest of the features in your GetResponse account.



Moved features


Please note that Statistics is no longer a separate category in the new GetResponse. The old GetResponse toolbar included statistics for email analytics, imports, and surveys.

old GR statistics menu

In the new GetResponse, you can find them in their dedicated, feature-specific spaces:

  • Email analytics is now in Email marketing>>Statistics 
  • Import statistics is now in Contacts>>Import statistics
  • Survey statistics is now in Forms & surveys>>Survey statistics


Forms and Surveys

Forms and Surveys have been moved to one category—Forms & surveys.

Click on the feature icon in the toolbar on the main page.  Then, use the toolbar menu to navigate within Forms & surveys and to access the rest of the features in your GetResponse account.

forms and surveys toolbar


Where can I find the Actions menu?

The Actions menu, which used to be next to items you wanted to modify, has been redesigned and repositioned.

Previously, the menu appeared when you hovered the mouse pointer over an item. It said “Actions” and included a gear icon.

old Actions menu

In the redesigned GetResponse accounts, Actions menu can be found at the far right of each row. It’s represented by an Actions icon—a vertical ellipsis.

Simply hover the mouse pointer over the icon to expand the list of available actions.