What is a form and how do I create one? Watch video

A form is an online form that enables visitors to subscribe to your newsletter by entering their email address and any other optional information you wish to collect.

The GetResponse system lets you choose from hundreds of  form designs and customize them with your own text, colors, images, etc.

To create a form, choose Forms in the Dashboard menu and click Create new. Follow the steps to design your form and fields.

The final step provides you with a snippet of code to copy and paste to the HTML source of your website. There are two versions of the code:

1. JavaScript version – automatically updates the form on your site anytime you change the form design in GetResponse.

2. HTML version – provided for power users who wish to edit the HTML. Every time you make changes to the form, you will need to replace the code on your website.

We do not provide support for placing the form codes on the web sites, if you do not feel comfortable with doing that please contact your web developer.  We do not provide support for forms where the original code provided by GetResponse has been modified in any way. Click here to read the FAQ about placing the form on WordPress pages.