What is a custom filter? Watch video

A custom filter is a set of conditions used to find a specific group of contacts and saved under a unique name.

Custom filters allow you to set up a specific group of conditions. They are dynamic—you don’t need to manually add new contacts to a custom filter. As soon as they meet the conditions, they’re added to the filter.


How do I create a custom filter?

To create a custom filter, you’ll first need to choose the conditions.

  1. Go to Dashboard>>Contacts>>Search contacts and start adding conditions or condition groups.
  2. Once you’re done, click Save as custom filter. A pop-up modal will open.
  3. Enter a name for the filter and click Save.


Where can I find saved custom filters?

If you’d like to view or edit your custom filters, click Custom filters on the very bottom of the Search contacts page. Click the Actions icon to edit, copy, or delete custom filters.


What can I do with custom filters?

There are many uses for custom filters. The list below includes a few examples of what you can do with the saved searches you’ve created:

  • Manage your contact list. Go to Contacts>> Search>> Saved searches to find your segments. See what contacts are in your segments and review or edit contact details. If you wish to, you can also export contact information.
  • Send newsletters to specific groups of people. For example, you can send targeted messages based on, among others, custom fields, tags, score, customer actions or client needs and wants.
  • Exclude groups of people from getting your messages. For example, you know that specific groups of people within one list like to receive different message content (less text, more videos, and vice versa) or the same content but at different intervals. You can create as any custom filters as you need for these email addresses.  When I create a newsletter, you can exclude select custom filters from the recipients.  This way you can tailor your communication to their needs and wants, and send them different messages within the same list.