What happens if my contacts list exceeds the number of contacts allowed in my plan?

There is no interruption or restriction in service, and no contacts are lost (the only exception is import).

The GetResponse system accommodates the additional contacts and charges a List Extension Fee to your account for any month in which your list exceeds the maximum allowed in your chosen plan. The List Extension Fee is calculated based on the difference between the price of your chosen plan and the monthly price for the plan you reached during the billing month.

When a List Extension Fee occurs we bill your account for the overages at the end of the month. The billing for the overages is due monthly, even if you are on an annual billing plan.

If you expect your contacts count to remain in a higher bracket, it may make sense for you to upgrade your account to the higher plan, to lock-in current pricing and take advantage of discounts available for annual billing.

With GetResponse we charge you for the total number of contacts in all of your lists, meaning if an email address is on lists campaigns then they will count as multiple contacts thus it’s possible that you could be over your plan limit.