How do I use Advanced search?

You can use Advanced search to narrow down your search results to a specific group of contacts. First off, you can decide which list you’d like to display the results for. Second, you can choose whether you’d like to see people who are in the autoresponder cycle and are scheduled to receive an autoresponder message. Third, you can choose the subscription period for which you’d like to see the results.

To do this, go to Dashboard>>Contacts>>Search. Next, expand the menus for lists, autoresponder cycle, and subscription and select the search criteria that you’d like to use.


How can I narrow down my search (find people who meet specific conditions)?

You may want to perform very specific searches, e.g. find people who have or haven’t opened your message, clicked a link, or are at a specific stage in a CRM pipeline.

You do this by first defining the group of people (a condition group) you’d like to search (see the section above), selecting a set of conditions, and specifying whether you’d like to see search results for contacts who meet all or any of the conditions you’ve specified. This method allows you to mix and match conditions to search for contacts in and across lists, and to save the results as custom filters.

You can add up to 8 conditions and 8 condition groups.


Searching contacts using one condition

  1. Go to Dashboard>>Contacts>>Search contacts.
  2. Choose the lists, autoresponder status, and subscription period.
  3. Click Add condition.
  4. Expand the list to select the condition. Depending on the condition you choose, more drop-down lists become available. Expand each of them to specify the details. For example, if you select Contact actions>>Message opened, you then can choose the type of message (newsletter, autoresponder, A/B test, or automation), and the specific message. For a complete list of conditions, please see What conditions can I use to search for contacts and create custom filters?
  5. Click Apply. (To remove a condition, click the x symbol next to it.)


Searching contacts using more than one condition

  1. Perform steps 1-5 explained in the section above.
  2. Click Add another condition and repeat the actions described in steps 3-5 above.
  3. Choose if you’d like the search results to match all or any of the conditions you’ve selected. When you select all, the search results will be narrow—they’ll show only the people who meet all of the selected criteria. When you select any, the results will be wider—they’ll show people who meet any (one or more) of the conditions you’ve selected.


Searching contacts using more than one condition group

You may also want to specify two or more condition groups as the basis for your search. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go through steps 1-3 explained in the Searching contacts using more than one condition
  2. Click Add condition group.
  3. Repeat the steps for selecting search conditions.
  4. Choose the Operator between groups. If you select or, the results will be wider—they will include contacts who meet either of the condition groups. If you select and, the results will be narrower—they will include people who meet all of the condition groups you selected.

To remove a condition group, click the x symbol next to it.

The search results are displayed on the Search contacts page. If you’d like to store the search criteria for future use, you can save them as a custom filter.