Which subscription methods can I select to include in a workflow?

When you’re building a marketing automation workflow, you can use most of the subscription methods available in GetResponse. The subscription condition can be used to start a workflow. The supported methods include:

  • Forms
    You can use any form that’s active in your account or a specific one.
  • Landing pages
    You can use any landing page that’s published in your account or a specific one. This option is related to your subscription plan. If your plan allows only one landing page published at a time, make sure to select the specific, published landing page.
  • Webinars
    You can use any or a specific webinar.
  • Surveys

You can use any or a specific survey.

  • API
  • Contact import
  • Campaign email
  • Forms on the go
  • Contacts added manually

How does the subscription condition work?

The subscription condition works by acknowledging a sign up from a designated source (form, API, contact import, landing page, added manually, Forms on the go, webinar), and then conducting the outlined action or filter.

You can narrow down the group of subscribers that you want to include in a workflow by specifying the campaign. By default, the setting doesn’t point to a specific campaign (the setting is Any).

You can select the campaign when you change the Select the campaign setting to Specific. This narrows down the subscription sources to the ones associated with the particular campaign.

Let’s say, you want to select the “happy_monsters” campaign and the “Don’t worry, be a monster” landing page:

  1. Drag the Subscribed via element to the workspace.
  2. Select the element and switch to Properties tab.
  3. In the Select the campaign section select Specific. This gives you the option to choose campaigns from a list.
  4. Select “happy_monsters” (or any other campaign you wish) and move to Select the subscription method.
  5. Select Landing page and switch to Specific.
  6. Select the required landing page as the last option. In our case, this is the “Don’t worry, be a monster” page.

Example subscription settings


If you want to include subscriptions to more than one campaign you need to place several Subscribed via elements and configure a campaign for each of them. To avoid publishing problems you need to connect each of the opening conditions to the remaining workflow elements.

Can I use more than one subscription method in a single marketing automation workflow?

You can start your marketing automation workflow with more than one of the subscription methods. You can place as many elements representing the subscription as you need. You can then build sequences of actions that run in parallel. You can also connect all of the methods to a single element and follow up all subscriptions with the same process.