How to set up A/B testing on Landing Pages?

The A/B test option is not available in the free Landing page version.

The feature allows you to test up to 10 design variants of the same landing page displayed under the same URL. The system will randomly direct the visitors to one of the variants and provide you with the subscribe ratio generated by each of them. This is a perfect solution if you want to test with which design you will get more subscribers.

To set this up, open the landing page editor. In the top left you will see a drop down list with a default “Variant A” setting. Click + to create more variations for your test. To remove the variant click the trash icon (you can do it before saving the landing page for the first time, later the trash icon will not be available).



The result of your tests will be available under Manage Landing Pages. To check the stats click the A/B test icon beside the status button.


Take a look on the right side of the screen, there you can find the sign-up ratio. To publish the most successful one as a winner click the Actions button beside it and select the option (picture below). Right away you will see the trophy icon beside it, you can set the rest of the landing pages versions as offline to not to display them anymore.


If at any point you want to remove one of the variants after you save the landing page, you need to click Turn OFF button under the Actions.