How do I search for contacts by name or email?

You can do quickly find specific contacts by name or email using the Simple search field on the Search contacts page.

To find the contacts using Simple search:

  1. Go to Dashboard>>Contacts>>Search.
  2. On the Search contacts page, type in the name or address you’re looking for.

You don’t need to type in a complete name or email. Just start typing them in and we’ll display the names or emails that match the text you entered. We’ll also tell you which lists they are in.

Once you see the results you can:

  • click on the name or email to get to Contact details, where you can review contact information.
  • click on a list name to get to review all the search results for the list you’ve picked. If you decide to add a condition to narrow them down, or save them as a custom filter, you can do it from there.

To do a more specific search—e.g. by custom fields, link clicks, or message opens—click Advanced search. This will open your advanced search options. For more information, please go to How do I use Advanced search.