How do I search for contacts in my account? Watch video

You have a few options when it comes to searching for contacts in your GetResponse account.

  • You can search for contacts using simple and advanced searches.
  • You can do the searches from the Search Contacts page, or you can do or refine your search from the Search Contacts results.

How do I use the basic and advanced search options?

To start your search, go to Contacts>>Search Contacts. Once you’re there, you have a number of options to find just the person or a group of people you’re looking for.

search contacts page 

To look for specific contacts:

  1. Enter in a name or an email address in the search field. Simply start typing and you’ll see all the contacts details that contain the information you’ve typed in.

autofil for search contacts

2. Select the contact from the result list to bring up their Subscriber History. Once there, you can view and edit your contact information details (for example, assign a tag or a custom field and unsubscribe or delete your contact).


To view all contacts:

  1. Click View all contacts on the Search Contacts. It’s a direct link that takes you to a list of all contacts in your account.

view all contacts link

2. Click Actions next to your contact name to expand a menu.

actions options for contacts

From there, you can choose to copy or move the contact to a different campaign. You can also remove the contact from a campaign or the account, send them a message or add a custom field to your contact.


To use an advanced search to look for specific groups of contacts:

  1. Go to the Search Contacts page.
  2. Click Advanced search to open and select from your options:
    • You can search for contacts from one or more campaign.
    • You can select if your contacts are receiving autoresponders.
    • You can search by subscription date.

advanced search options

3. Click Add Condition to create a segment.

add condition option

You can add up to 8 conditions. Click the plus button to add another conditions row. Click the minus icon to remove a conditions row.

  1. Click Add conditions group if you’d like to refine your search (you can add up to 8 groups).

specific link clicked condition

Use conditions groups to create a segment based on different campaigns, contact type or date range. Select and group operator to narrow down the search results of the first conditions groups. Select or to broaden the search (see the “How do I expand or refine my search results” section below for more details).

  1. Click Search to display the results.



How do I expand or refine my search results when I use conditions and conditions groups?


If your list is large, you can:

  • Add up to 8 conditions and 8 conditions groups to create segments you can market to.
  • Once you’ve selected them, use Match All or Match Any modifiers for conditions and an AND-OR separator for conditions groups.


With conditions, choose whether you want your search to find contacts that Match All of the conditions or Match Any of the conditions. Match All generally delivers a smaller, more focused list. Match Any produces a broader list.

Use the AND-OR separator when you do a search based on more than one conditions group. They let you decide how broad or narrow you’d like the search to be.

The AND separator makes the search results more focused because it narrows the results of the first conditions group. The OR separator makes the search results broader because it expands the results of the first conditions group.

conditions group with AND separator

For more details and examples please see the “How do I create conditions groups with AND-OR separators” section in How does the dynamic segment filter work.

Once you’ve searched your contacts, you can save your search (also known as segmenting). For more details on saving your searches, see our step-by-step instructions.

What can I do on the Search Contacts results page?

You can continue your searches from the contacts search results page (you get there by going to Contacts>>Search Contacts and clicking View all contacts).

search results page

Once you’re there, you can continue refining the searches you’ve done before or start a new search. The steps are exactly the same as for the Advanced search option. You simply apply conditions and conditions groups to search for your contacts.

From the results page, you can also view the types of contacts within your account. Next to Show type, click the down arrow to view your options.

list view options

You view lists of:

  • Subscribed contacts
  • Bounces
  • Unconfirmed contacts
  • Removed

You can also sort your contacts by email, name, date, and origin (how they were added to your account).