How do I save my searches? Watch video

After you’ve searched for your contacts, you can now save them as saved searches. Creating and saving smaller, more refined, groups of contacts is also known as segmentation.


To save your search (create a segment), you first need to specify your search criteria.

  1. Go to Contacts>>Search Contacts. Then, choose Advanced search and add conditions to identify contacts who meet specific criteria.

For example, you can search for contacts in Australia who opened your autoresponder message.

advanced search with autoresponder and country


  1. Click Show contacts to view the results on a search contacts results page.
  2. To save the group of contacts as a segment, go to the Actions menu on the left.
  3. Expand the menu for options and choose Save search.

expanded actions menu

5. Enter the segment name in the pop-up form and click Save search.


How do I view my saved searches (segments)?

To view your saved searches:

  1. Go to Contacts>>Search Contacts.
  2. Click Saved searches to expand the list of your saved searches.

saved searches option

  1. Select a saved search to view your contact details on the search results page.