What is Multimedia Studio and how do I use it? Watch video

GetResponse Multimedia Studio lets you store, upload, and manage audio and video files, images, photos, and documents. Additionally, you can choose images from 1000+ professional-quality pictures selected from iStockphoto.com. You can add the Multimedia Studio files to your messages and landing pages for creative and engaging marketing campaigns.


What file types does Multimedia Studio support?

You can upload files with the following extensions: .txt, .pdf, .doc, xls, .ics, .mobi, .epub, .iba, .jpg, .gif, .png, .jpeg, .bmp, .flv, .mp4, and .fl4

You’ve got 1GB storage space at your disposal. You can find your current used and available space in the top right corner. Keep in mind that a file size can’t exceed 20MB.

storage space information


How do I use Multimedia Studio?

To access Multimedia Studio, go to My Account>>Multimedia Studio or take this shortcut.

To navigate it, use the tabs in the top menu to switch between the iStockphoto gallery as well as video, audio, photos and images, documents, QRCode and webinar sections.

MS tabs

You have a few options how to manage your files in Multimedia Studio. You can:

  • Upload File or Add from URL in the Video, Audio, Photos and Images, Documents and Webinar
  • Add stock images free of charge in the iStockphoto tab, or buy additional images.
  • Browse and generate QR codes in the QRCode



Before you start

Create a folder for your files. If you don’t do it, we’ll create a default folder and save your files there.


To upload a file

  1. Click the appropriate tag.
  2. Select a folder.
  3. Click Upload File and select the file you’d like to upload.

A file thumbnail appears in your folder when the upload is complete.


To add a file from a URL

  1. Click the appropriate tag.
  2. Select a folder.
  3. Click Add from URL.
  4. Type in or paste the URL and click Add.


To add a stock image

To browse the images, you can select to view them all or select a specific folder.

  1. Click the iStockphoto.
  2. To preview the image, move the mouse over the thumbnail.
  3. To save the image in your folder for later use, click Add to my folder. Note: If you don’t have a folder in your Photos and Images tab, we’ll prompt you to create a folder.

A file thumbnail appears in your folder when the upload is complete.


To buy additional images

  1. Select Buy more images from the side menu.
  2. Move the mouse over the thumbnail and click Add. This adds the image to your cart.
  3. Click Check out to finish the transaction.


To browse and generate QR codes

  1. Select the QR Code
  2. Click Add New QR code.
  3. Specify the type, size, content, and name for your code.
  4. Click Save code to confirm the settings.

You can later preview or delete the codes. You can also scan them to test them.