How do I include the survey link in my message so the respondent data isn’t anonymous? Watch video

You can include the survey link using our Drag-and-Drop Email Editor or Legacy editor (the previous version of the editor). After creating and publishing your survey in our survey creator, you may then go to Messages>>Create newsletter or Create Autoresponder.

Drag-and-Drop Email Editor

In the new editor you can use {{LINK `survey` `xxxxx`}} and replace xxxxx with the survey_id  from Surveys>>Surveys list e.g. {{LINK `survey` `12258`}} .


Legacy Editor (available only in older accounts):

On the very first step choose the option: “Take me to the previous version of the editor” and choose your template. Then, within the message editor you will see an icon on the toolbar that is the “add link to survey”.

Please choose the published survey from the list that appears, and you can be sure that the respondent data will be linked to the specific contact who submitted the survey.


Adding the survey in any other way than explained above will result in not saving the respondents’ data.