How do I create an autoresponder? Watch video

In the Dashboard menu, go to Messages>>Create Autoresponder. Choose On day if you want to send messages at specific intervals calculated starting from the day a contact opts in. In the On cycle day section, set a sending day by specifying the number of days to wait after the contact is added to your list.

Note: Time-based autoresponder messages start on Day 0 (the day the contact subscribes) and Day 1 is the day after opt-in.

After specifying the day interval, choose a campaign and apply the time-of-day settings:

–       Sign up: Send time-based autoresponders as soon as your contact subscribes.

–       Delay: Send the message with a delay you specify, from 1-23 hours.

–       Custom: Choose the hour when the message should be delivered. Enable Time Travel if you want it delivered at the local time of your subscribers.


In Send days check the days of the week to send the messages; uncheck days to exclude them. Click Choose the message to use an existing message or Create a new message. At the bottom of the page, click Save or Save and Publish.


Can I choose the days of the week to send my autoresponders (i.e. only business days)?

Yes, you can do that. In Send on, uncheck the days you want to exclude from delivery. Leave the boxes checked next to the days you want to have the autoresponder sent on.