How does the new phone number validation feature affect phone numbers stored in my GetResponse account?

All phone numbers records you store in custom fields that include the word PHONE, such as phone, work phone, mobile phone, home phone and fax number will be automatically validated.

How does this affect your database?

This operation filters your data against errors, typos, etc., but you will not lose a single phone number record. More than 80% of your database will validate as correct. Error phone numbers, such as 123456, will be moved to a new custom field called invalid_phone.


All properly validated phone numbers will also have a country code prefix by default. So if you currently have a 255627… phone number, and it’s an american phone number it will now look like 1255627… as the american country code is +1. Thanks to this validation, you may rest assured, all the phone numbers you collect from your subscribers are always ready for international use in your marketing campaigns and that all numbers have valid data format for each country.