How do I manage my contacts using the GetResponse-Salesforce app? Watch video

The main purpose of the GetResponse-Salesforce integration is to sync contacts from GetResponse to your Salesforce account. The integration includes other contact management options:

1. Using the Add as GetResponse contact option from the lead profile page

To add an email address to a campaign, go to the Leads section, click the email address, and click Add as GetResponse contacts. (To find out how to add this button to the lead profile, click here.)

2. Using a query to copy contacts from Salesforce to a GetResponse campaign

To copy multiple contacts at the same time, go to the GetResponse setup dashboard and click New query.


Enter a name for the query and check the box next to Add the selected Contacts to a GetResponse Campaign. Choose the destination campaign and click Next step. Choose contacts to copy from Salesforce Contacts, Leads, or Campaign Members. At the bottom of the page, you can enter search criteria to narrow the group (for example, contacts with To complete the process, click Next Step and Run query.