How do I create a form? Watch video

Choose from hundreds of GetResponse templates and customize them with text, colors, images, etc. Use Color Magic to match the form color to your website color scheme. Use the List Builder Apps, included in your account at no extra cost, for special opt-in boxes.

To create a form, choose Forms in the Dashboard menu and choose Create new. Click List Builder Wizard to choose the web form template. To adjust the  form color to the color scheme of your website, use the Color Magic option on the left.

The form templates are grouped in categories on the left. Whether you need a form for event sign-ups, order form, or newsletter sign-up, we’ve got you covered.

Click any category to see the templates on the right change to match your choice. Use Layout types to view templates in different sizes to select a perfect match. Hover over any template and click Use Template to continue editing.

In the web form designer, you can replace the placeholder text with your custom text and position the elements using drag-and-drop.

On the right are the advanced editing tools in 3 categories:

1) Add field

  • Add predefined custom fields, created for your convenience by the GetResponse system.
  • Use your existing fields or create new fields.
  • Add static elements, such as dividers, images, text blocks, privacy badges, trust seals, and counters.


To remove any element, hover the mouse over it and click the trash can icon on the element box. If the form is too short to add more fields, drag the bottom corner to make it longer. Or use the Item spacing option in the Layout section to create space between fields.

2) Layout

This section enables you to edit the layout and structure of your form. Choose a form type: embedded, light box, or pop-over. Optionally, choose display properties such as effect and delay. Click any element (or click away to highlight the entire web form) to see editing options for the selected element.

3) Style

Change the form color, set a border radius, or use a picture as the background. Click any field to view advanced editing options.

To edit the form settings, click the gear icon in the top right corner of the editor. Edit the opt-in settings for the current form, set up a thank you page, and choose time-based autoresponder settings.


Choose Save or Publish at the top right. In the final step, you will find the JavaScript code to paste into the <body> element of an HTML web page.