How do I create a custom field for subscriber’s country?

From an email marketing point of view, the custom field “country” is very important information to have stored in your list. It is crucial when it comes to targeting your contacts and analyzing your market. This will help you with things like sending Thanksgiving wishes on the right date to your Canadian folks, who celebrate in October,  and a few weeks later to the American contacts. Also, it can help you to adjust the message language to a certain group of your leads.

Creating new custom field Country

To create a custom field to collect country information go to Contacts>>Add custom field. There you will need to:

  • provide the field name (lowercase only),
  • choose “Country” as format,
  • select the type (multiple or single choice),
  • unwind the list custom field value to select the countries you want to have available as a choice to pick. This option is especially useful if you want to allow a limited selection, for example only EU countries.

Once you have saved the field, you can start using it in your web forms or add countries manually/via import to your subscribers’ details.

Validation of old custom fields containing information about country

 Any custom field you have already had in your account that includes the word “country” will be checked for typos, invalid names (example: test test), and invalid strings of text and numbers (example: ahjxbcsak123). Unknown and invalid country names will be removed and tagged as “invalid_country”. Your subscribers will not see this tag when managing their subscription settings.

The system will accept shortcodes as a correct country name and will validate them without issue. Example: US will be validated as the United States, CA as Canada etc.