How do I create a custom field for phone numbers and assign it to my contacts later?

GetResponse validates phone number custom fields to make sure the data you store in your account is correct and ready to use. Having a valid data in your account can help you not only personalize your messages, but also be able to actually reach out to your customers via phone in addition to email.

Any custom field you have already in your account, which includes the word “phone” will be checked for errors. Any known invalid phone numbers will be moved to new custom field named phone_invalid. Example of a phone number that will be classified as “invalid”: 123456.

In order to ensure the highest degree of accuracy in collecting and storing phone numbers in your account, we have created a “phone” custom field type, which validates the numbers as they are entered to the system. Below you will find the instructions for creating it:

Go to Contacts>>Add custom field. Provide a custom field name, for example: cellphone and choose “phone” as the type. Provide a default value if needed.

Assigning the phone custom field value manually:

Contacts>>Add contacts

Click Assign custom field and choose the “phone” custom field you have created. The phone number you are adding can be added in the following formats:

  • +1902XXXXXX
  • 1902XXXXXX (the system will validate the phone number and add +automatically)
  • 902XXXXXX (the system will validate the phone number and add + and the country code automatically)

In all 3 cases make sure to replace X with actual digits.

Contacts>>Import contacts

When importing a contact list that includes “phone” custom field, you need to specify the phone number format and country code in the uploaded list file or by manually selecting the country code from the dropdown list provided.


In the forms you can also use “phone” custom field types, all you need to do is to add a custom field to a web form template. Click here to read more about it. In the Layout of the Phone custom field you can choose the option to have GetResponse detect the country code by the IP address of the subscriber or choose a default country prefix.


The phone number formats
GetResponse accepts phone number formats according to the North American Numbering Plan, (NPA) NXX-XXXX, where NPA is the area code and NXX-XXXX is the subscriber number.

Invalid phone error

Phone number validation doesn’t affect the information shown on the page where subscribers can manage their subscription settings. If a custom field is marked Phone Invalid, only you will see it in your account. When the subscriber updates their details, the system validates the phone field and accepts only the correct phone number format.

GEO localization

GetResponse system collects also GEO localization data based on the IP address of the subscriber. It means that a visitor to your web site who is about to submit the form will have a suggested country prefix selected.