How do I control the flow of messages in my account?

Use the Moderation feature to control the design and flow of campaign messages. Here’s how it works.

Users with certain roles can create a newsletter but cannot publish it. They must send it for approval to an authorized user with read+write permission. In the Summary step of newsletter design, the user can select an authorized user from a list:


When the user submits the message for approval, the status is marked Pending. The authorized user can approve or reject the message and must provide a reason for rejections (up to 250 characters).

If the authorized user approves the newsletter before the scheduled send date, the sending process works as usual. If the authorized user approves the newsletter after the scheduled send date, the authorized user sees a notice that the message will be sent immediately upon approval.

The Moderation feature works only for newsletters. To moderate autoresponder messages, adjust each user’s role permissions. Moderation is not possible for A/B testing.