How do I send my newsletters to specific contacts or groups of contacts? Watch video

You choose who to send a newsletter to within the Recipients step of your newsletter editor. You have a few options that allow you to select just the right recipients to receive your newsletter.

  • Choose between groups of contacts (campaigns and saved searches you’ve created in your account)
  • Choose specific recipients from a list (useful if you’d like to send newsletters to people in different campaigns).


How do I add contacts from specific campaigns and saved searches?

  1. Select the campaig or all campaigns you’d like to send your newsletter to.

add campaings field

2. Expand Choose saved searches and select a segment you’d like to add to your recipient list.

add a segment field


3. The Subscribers box at the bottom of the page tells you how many recipients you’ve selected.


4. Once you’ve selected your recipients, click Next Step. This takes you to Message Summary in your newsletter editor. From there, you can schedule your newsletter.


How do I choose specific contacts to send a newsletter to?

  1. Choose one or more campaign to add recipients.
  2. Under Subscribers, click I want to select contacts manually.


An Individual Recipients window opens.

3. Select the recipients from the list.

select infividual recipients window

4. Click Done to save your selection and return to the Recipients step. The Subscribers number is updated and reflects how many recipients will receive your newsletter.

5. Click Next Step. This takes you to Message summary in your newsletter editor. From there, you can schedule your newsletter.


If you’d like to learn how to exclude contacts from the recipient list, go to How do I exclude contacts from receiving my newsletter.