How can I send a message using the GetResponse-Salesforce app? Watch video

1. Using a query to send a message to a group of contacts

On the GetResponse Setup page, go to GetResponse Queries and click New Query.


Enter a name for the query and check the box beside Send a newsletter from your GetResponse Account to the selected Contacts. Click the drop-down field to choose a message from a list of GetResponse drafts. Click the Next step button.

To add a new message to the list, go to your GetResponse account and create it under Messages>>Create newsletter, remembering to save it as a draft. The new message will be available in Salesforce within a few minutes.

In the next step, select whether you want to send a message to Leads, Contacts or Campaign Members. For this operation, only previously synchronized contacts will be available. If necessary, you can narrow the search by defining custom field conditions for the target group.


In the final step, click Send newsletter.

2. Sending a message to a single GetResponse email address.

Go to GetResponse setup on the dashboard and click a campaign. In the GetResponse Contacts section, locate the email address and click the Send Newsletter button. In the next screen, you will be asked to choose a draft to deliver.

You can also send a message by going to the GetResponse Contacts tab and clicking the email address of a GetResponse contact.


You can send messages only to Leads that have been synchronized as GetResponse contacts.