How can I add cookies notification to my GetResponse landing page?

1. Go to GetResponse Landing Pages >> Create New and choose a template.

2. Click Settings in the top menu and set your cookies notification to ON.

3. The cookies bar appears on your landing page. You can edit each element to match your landing page and the legal requirements of the target reader’s country and the requirements of the country where your business is located. Double click the cookies bar to place the notification at the top of your landing page or the bottom. Please note that the position of your cookie notification should comply with the legislation of the target country of your landing page and the country where your business is located.


4. To add a link to your cookie policy, highlight the text you want to hyperlink (such as “More info”), choose Hyperlink, paste the link to your cookie policy, and click OK.

5. After you publish the landing page, visitors will see the cookies notification on your landing page.


What should I include in my cookie policy?

Detailed information about cookies may take the form of a cookie policy, which usually includes:

  • Why you use cookies (such as to record user actions, identify users, collect traffic information, etc.);
  • Whether cookies are essential for the website or a given functionality to work;
  • Whether the purpose of the cookies is to enhance the performance of the website;
  • The types of cookies in use (for example, session or permanent, first-party or third‑party);
  • Who controls and has access to cookie‑related information (website owner or a third party);
  • A statement that you will not use the cookies for any purpose other than those stated;
  • How users can withdraw consent.

Below is an example showing how you could place a cookie policy on a landing page.


We provide this guide for general information only. We do not guarantee that following our tips will assure your compliance with laws that apply to your use of cookies on landing pages. We recommend that you seek legal advice on the exact legal requirements for the use of cookies. You should take into account not only the laws that apply to you as an owner of the landing page but also to domestic laws of visitors to whom your landing page is targeted.

We are not responsible for the suitability of information in this guide and cannot be held responsible for any decision you make based on the use of the information.

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