How to fix a stale email list?

Have you ever wondered if each and every contact you have in your account for years is still interested in getting emails from you? Are their interests and mailing expectations the same as they were a year ago?

It is highly possible that if you do not email them for a while your subscribers simply forget they have ever signed up to your list, their email goes invalid or preferences change. Emailing such lists after X amount of time while giving them the so called “silent treatment” 🙂 can seriously hurt not only your statistics (unsubscribe, bounce rate, spam complaint ratio) but can also influence subscriber engagement in reading your mailing in general. Not to mention… in the most extreme situation it can affect your GetResponse account status.

A list goes stale usually about 6 months after permission is given. Do not worry, GetResponse is coming to the rescue and we can help you to fix it. Below you will find a few suggestions:


1. Verify your list with BriteVerify (signing up using this link will give you 10% discount, just scroll down that page for more details)

BriteVerify is a 3rd party service, which can help you clean your list by removing invalid email address before you import them to GetResponse. If you have an existing list with GetResponse and you have not emailed them for a while, you can export it and clean it at BriteVerify as well. Your stats will not be affected by invalid emails.

BriteVerify does not remove the Spam traps and/or the addresses that are added to the GetResponse internal blacklist

2. Identify and remove contacts who are not engaged in reading your mailings

At GetResponse we charge you for the total number of contacts in your list, so why would you keep the email addresses that do not open your messages or click the links? This will not only help you avoid a list extension fee in the long run, but also help you keep only the most engaged subscribers on your list… no one likes overages. Click here to read the FAQ. Repeat that action every 6 months.

3. Reconfirm your list outside of GetResponse

Contact your subscribers using an alternative email method and ask them to re-confirm their desire to receive your emails. You need to send them a message containing a link to a landing page with a web form (create that landing page in your GetResponse account), or just a link to any page where your GetResponse form is hosted. This will give you a clear record of who wants to hear from you and who does not.

Make sure the message reminds them who you or your company are (company logo is highly recommended), when they signed up and how beneficial it is for them to stay on your list. Example:

Subject: [[firstname]] Please re-confirm to stay on my list.

Hello [[firstname]]

Remember us? We are company XYX offering cool ABC. You signed up on [[optin_date]] at

We want to make sure you are still interested in receiving emails from us. To stay on our list simply visit the link below:


You will not regret it 🙂 We will be emailing you newsletters with time sensitive offers including coupons and information on promotions and new additions to our offers.

If for some reason you do not wish to continue as our subscriber, ignore this message and we will not bother you anymore unless you change your mind.

4. Do not let your list go stale and keep the frequency

One of the best ways to keep your email database up to date is simply to email people, so use our tips to achieve this goal. Also when you use GetResponse to email your contacts with regular offers we will process any bounces, unsubscribers and spam complaints for you.

Be consistent and repeat this re-confirming action from time to time, it will only pay off in the future. There is no standard frequency for sending emails because it depends on many factors, however our best suggestion is to do it 2 times a year.