How do I export webinar chat history?

There are two ways to export the chat history.

1. From the webinar room (only for a webinar in progress)

You can easily export the chat history at any time while running a webinar. Click the gear icon in the Chat pod, then choose Export history and your preferred file format: CSV, XLS, XML (The CSV with translations option is not available at the moment.)


After a few moments, you’ll see a notice that the export has been completed. Click the Save file button to save the chat history on your computer.


2. Manage Webinars section (after webinar)

If you don’t export the chat history during the webinar, you can when the webinar is over. Go to Webinars and choose Manage. Mouse over the webinar name and click the Actions button. From the list, choose Download the chat. You’ll see a pop-up with an option to download the chat. Click it and save it. This method provides only the CSV format.