How do I assign my own domain or subdomain to a landing page? Watch video

You assign your own domains and subdomains in the Landing page URL settings section of the My landing page settings page. Once you’re there, you can add new domains and subdomains, or choose from the list the ones you’ve already assigned.

Landing page URL settings section

Before you begin

  • Update the nameservers (change the DNS) to point your domain to our DNS server when you want your domain name to appear in your landing page URL. This is a good option when you don’t have a website at your domain. To learn how to configure your DNS, see How do I change the DNS settings?


  • Set up a CNAME record when you want your domain name to appear in your landing page URL, but already have a website at your domain. To learn how to configure your CNAME, see How do I add a CNAME entry to my subdomain?

Note: It can take up to 24 hours for the changes to be propagated across the internet.


How do I add a new custom domain in my GetResponse account?

To add a new custom domain (you can skip steps 1-3 if you’re using the landing page creator and you already see the setting page):

  1. Log into your GetResponse account and go to Landing pages >> Manage.
  2. Find your landing page and from the Actions menu select Edit settings.
  3. Find the Landing page URL settings section. This is where you configure DNS-related options.
    Note that you can’t opt out of using a GetResponse domain for your landing page, even if you intend to use custom addresses.
  4. In the Assign your own domain section, expand the Select your domain

expanded drop-down list

5. Select Add a new domain.

Add domain option indicated

  1. Enter the domain name in the field. For example, if your domain is, type in

domain added

  1. Optionally, you can use one of your subdomains for your landing page. Enter your subdomain name in the subdomain field.

subdomain added

  1. Click Add. You know the domain and subdomain have been added when they appear in the Select your domain field.

new domain added

9. Optionally, enter a directory name.

directory added

Using directories is a quick and easy option when you want to publish more than one landing page at a time. See How can I use domains, subdomains, and directories for my landing pages? for specific examples. Note: Make sure your plan allows you to publish multiple landing pages.

The process is now complete. You can go ahead and edit the Subscription settings, and then save or publish your landing page.

Note: If you try to assign a new domain before you update your DNS settings, or before the changes have propagated the internet, we notify you when you click Add.

unverified DNS changes notification

The landing page appears at the URL that contains our domain name (you created it as the required step for setting up your landing page URL). When your domain becomes active, your landing page appears at the updated URL that contains the domain name you assigned. It also continues to live at the GetResponse domain, so you can use either of the addresses to access the landing page. Go to Landing Pages>>Manage to see your landing page URL.