How do I create and manage a suppression list?

To create a suppression list in your GetResponse account:

  1. In your Dashboard menu, go to Contacts>>Suppression Lists to open the Manage suppression lists page.

suppression list page


  1. Decide how you’d like to create the suppression list. You have two options. You can upload a file or type in the addresses:
  • Click Import from a file and enter the list name. Then, select your file (CSV and TXT formats only) and click Save.

suppression list import window

  • Click Enter contacts in a box and type in the list name. Then, add a list of emails or domain names you’d like to mask (don’t forget to add @). To finish, click Save.

a field to add a list manualy

Note: You can mask specific email addresses or groups of addresses. For example,

  • masks all emails at this domain.
  • unknownexample@ masks this username at this domain.
  • masks this particular user.


  1. After you’ve clicked Save a message appears. It confirms you’ve added the list successfully.

confirmation message


To edit or remove your suppression lists:

  1. Go to Contacts>>Suppression lists open the Manage suppression lists page.
  2. Click edit or remove next to your suppression list name.

rdit or delete lists page

  • When you click edit, you can remove contacts from the list (click the link next to the contact).

edit the list window

You can also add new contacts. Simply select Import from a file or Enter contacts in a box and follow the same steps you take when you create asuppression list.

add contacts to a suppression list field