How can I use social media to increase the visibility of my marketing messages?

If you want to increase the visibility of your marketing content, you should add social media buttons to your newsletters and landing pages. When people click the buttons, they spread the news about your business. They can bring more traffic to your landing page, get more people interested in a promotion you’re running, gain new contacts, or help you reach a wider audience with your messages.

Adding social media buttons is the most convenient, efficient, and cost-effective way to share your content over the most popular social media platforms. The buttons help you increase page views, gain brand ambassadors, and improve conversions. You can choose any combination of the buttons for people to share your marketing content across their social network.

You can add social media buttons to your newsletters and landing pages within the newsletter and landing page creators. Please note whenever someone clicks those buttons, they’ll navigate to their social media accounts. These buttons don’t link to your social media account. For instructions on how to add the social media sharing buttons and link newsletters and landing pages to your accounts, please have a look at  How can people share my newsletters across social media sites and How can I increase the visibility of my landing page.