How can I publish my landing page on my Facebook Page?

You can publish your landing page as a custom tab within your Facebook Page. You can select which Page to publish it on within My landing page settings. Here’s how to do it:

Before you begin

Once you’ve integrated the accounts and created a Page, you can set up your landing page:

  1. In your GR account, got to Landing Pages>>Create and select the landing page template.
  2. After you’ve finished editing the landing page, click Next to go to the My landing page settings
  3. Scroll to the section titled Landing page URL settings and set the Facebook switch to ON.

Facebook switch activated

4. Select the Page you’d like to publish the landing page on.

Once you finish setting up your page and click Publish, the success page will show all the addresses your landing page is published at, including the address it’s published at on Facebook. (The address is also shown in Manage landing pages, where you can always review it.)

The landing page automatically appears in the custom tab within your Page. If you can’t see it immediately, try reloading your FB page.

landing page appearing in a tab

Note: You can only publish one landing page as a custom tab per Facebook Page. To publish a different landing page, repeat the steps 1-4. The new landing page will replace the previous one.

Publishing a landing page on a Facebook Page is only one of the ways to use this social media platform to help your brand gain visibility. You can also include a Facebook pixel in your landing page to build and track audiences. To learn how to do it, please see Can I track my Facebook campaigns and landing pages. You can also use Facebook Pages to grow your contact lists. Please see How can I gain new contacts through my Facebook Page to learn how to add GetResponse forms to a Facebook Page.