How can I integrate my GetResponse and Magento accounts to set up cyclical imports to my campaigns?

You can integrate your Magento and GetResponse accounts when you want to add your existing and future Magento clients to your GetResponse campaigns. With this integration you can:

  • save the clients’ information as GetResponse custom fields
  • decide how often you want the contacts to be added to your campaign (set up cyclical imports)
  • extend the integration to more campaigns

You can edit and disconnect the integration at any time.

Note: This integration allows you to import contacts in regular intervals from your Magento database. If you’d like to automatically export customer information from Magento when people register at your store, make a purchase, or fill out an exit popup, you can install a GetResponse plugin and integrate GetResponse with Magento.

What you’ll need:

To connect the accounts, you’ll need your Magento credentials:

  • Host address—this is your Magento shop URL. Be sure to include http:// or https:// and www if they appear in the address
  • Username—the username you use to log into your Magento account
  • API key—the password you use to log into your account.


Connect GetResponse and Magento accounts

  1. Log into your GetResponse account and go to My account>>Integrations or take this shortcut.
  2. Enter your Magento host address, username, and API key. Next, click Connect to Magento.

fields for entering Magento credentials

Import data from Magento to GetResponse

  1. Select which fields you’d like to include in the contact imports. Note: First name, last name, and email fields are required, so they’re automatically selected. When you’re done, click Next Step.nale and fields preselected, adding new fields
  2. Match the custom fields you’re importing to the ones you have in your GetResponse account. The required fields are matched automatically. For the remaining fields, you can use existing custom fields or create new to better match the data coming from Magento. When you’re done, click Next Step.matching custom fields imported from magento

Note: This integration only works with a limited type and number of custom fields. We display for you the fields we can import from your Magento database and match to the custom fields you have in your GetResponse account.

3. Select a campaign. Then, decide how often the imports should happen—every 1, 3, or 7 days. If there’s an autoresponder cycle in your campaign, you’ll be able to add imported contacts to a specific day in the autoresponder cycle or choose not to add them at all.campaign and interval selectors shown

4. Click Advanced options to define how to update the information:

  • You want to add new contacts and update the existing ones (the default setting).
  • You want to only update existing information (Update only).
    If contacts with identical email addresses already exist in your campaign their information will be updated based on the data we receive from FormSite.
  • You want to only add new contacts (Add new only).
    In this case, existing contacts won’t be updated and you can focus only on adding new subscribers.


5. Click Save Settings & Import to start cyclical imports.

The configuration widget on the Integrations page contains information about the last and upcoming imports.

import schedule information displayed

Edit integration

Expand the Actions menu and select Edit settings to change the details of the integration for a particular list.


Can I add contacts to more than one campaign using the Magento integration?

You can repeat the process to add contacts into other campaigns. Go to My account>>Integrations>>Magento and click Add new campaign. Proceed as described in the Import data from Magento to GetResponse section.

integrated campaigns list and Add campaign button


How do I stop contact imports from Magento?

You can stop importing contacts from a single campaign or disconnect from your Magento account. Go to My account>>Integrations>>Magento and depending on your need do one of the following:

  • To stop importing contacts to one of your campaigns, click Disconnect from the Actions menu for each campaign.
  • To stop integration completely, click Disable this integration.