How can I preload messages from another account or campaign? Watch video

Choose Messages in the Dashboard menu and click Preload. In the Preload Messages screen, click the down arrows to select a Source Campaign and a Destination Campaign. Choose a message type for each. A list of existing messages will be displayed under each column (Source and Destination).

You can preload only delivered newsletters and time based autoresponders (it is not possible to preload messages saved as drafts and action based autoresponders).


Note 1: You have the option to use a destination message type that is different from the source message type.

Note 2: If you want to preload messages into a new campaign, you must first create a new campaign. In the upper right corner, click the down arrow of the Your current campaign field and click Create Campaign.

Note 3: If you wish to copy messages from another account into a campaign in the current account, click the Change Source Account link on the Source Campaign side and enter the account name and the account password or the the campaign name from another account (no password required).

On the Source campaign side, check the box beside any messages. Then choose a button to click:

The Copy button copies only the checked messages.

The Copy All button copies all messages.

The Replace All button removes all messages in the destination campaign and copies the checked messages into the destination campaign.

When finished, click the Save button at the bottom.