Can I check how the message looks in an inbox before I send it? Watch video

We offer two options, which allows you to check how the message looks before you send it. Please use it any time you send an email, as this can help you to recognize if there will be any issues with displaying the content. Please remember that each email client renders the HTML code in a different way. Click here to learn more about the most common problems you may encounter.

1. Test message

Allows you to send your message to one of your “From” addresses. This option is available in the Create step of the message editor at the top of the page. The test message does not show the personalization, the social sharing buttons do not work and any links may not work properly. We do not track statistics for the test messages.

2. Inbox preview

Here you can preview your email message to see what it looks like in popular email software clients and webmails. This is available also in the Create step of the message editor, under Test Message>>Inbox preview.