Can I remove or edit the unsubscribe and update links at the bottom of my messages? Watch video

Every message sent from a GetResponse account contains an unsubscribe and update details links which cannot be changed or removed.

When the subscriber clicks the unsubscribe link, it automatically updates the mailing list to ensure that the subscriber does not receive any further mailings for this list or multiple lists. This ensures that GetResponse and our customers comply with Anti-Spam laws. Clicking update details link gives an option to change the email address or custom field values.

You can view our Anti-Spam Policy here:

It is possible to use the disclaimer in English, Polish, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Portuguese and Chinese. To set this up go to campaign settings and in campaign language section  choose one of those languages.

Finally, you can place additional removal link in your message with your own instructions e.g in foreign language.There are two ways to customize the unsubscribe instructions:

1. Write the text for your instructions and insert a hyperlink using the merge word [[remove]] as the URL (this method won’t work in plain text editor).

“To unsubscribe, please click here.”

(Format the word “here” as a hyperlink, using [[remove]] as the URL)


2. Place the merge word [[remove]] directly in the message.

“To unsubscribe please click here: [[remove]]

(This places an unsubscribe link after the word “here:”)