Where can I find a list of all my contacts? Watch video

You can find the list of all contacts in your account on the Search contacts page. To get there, go to Dashboard>>Contacts and click the Search contacts link on the page or select Search from the toolbar. The results show all your contacts in all the lists you’ve created in your account.

You can change the way the results are displayed:

  • Sort your contacts by name, email, subscription date, changed-on date, and origin (how they were added).
  • Click Modify columns to open a modal where you can reorder and show/hide the columns.

To open Contact details, click anywhere in the row.


Where can I find the list of inactive contacts?

The number of inactive contacts—bounced, unconfirmed, and removed contacts—is shown on the Search contacts page, under the number indicating the total number of contacts in your account.

To see the inactive contacts:

  1. Click on the number indicating your inactive contacts. Bounces will be displayed first.
  2. To see unconfirmed or removed contacts, click on Bounces to expand the list and make your selection.
  3. Optionally, expand the All lists menu to selects the list you’d like to see the results for.


Where can I assign tags or scores to multiple contacts?

If you’d like to assign tags or scores to all contacts in your account, you can click on the Actions icon next to the number of your contacts and choose Tag or Score. This way you can update your contact details without having to select them from a list. Another option is to select the checkbox above the results list and click Select all [number of contacts] link. Then, expand the Actions menu right next to it and choose Tag or Score.