How can I embed a video or a PDF to my message?

Embedding a video or PDF file into your message may affect the deliverability. That’s why we suggest you use direct links to files instead.

For PDFs

  1. Upload the file to Multimedia Studio in My account>>Account details.
  2. Click the file to open it (the file opens in a separate window).
  3. Copy the URL.
  4. In the message editor, paste the URL and hyperlink it.

For videos

Upload your videos to YouTube. In your messages, link directly to a video there.

You can also share URLs by adding a button and linking the button to the file so the file can be downloaded. Finally, you can capture the first screen of the video, upload it to the Multimedia studio add to the editor and link that picture to the URL of that video.

Note: We’ve moved away from Flash technology so it’s no longer possible to use the sharing option for the videos you recorded in Multimedia Studio. The video files remain in your saved folders. To download the video from Multimedia Studio, click the video and select Save file.


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