Can I add new contacts to different campaigns with PayPal Buy Now buttons? Watch video

You can post PayPal Buy Now buttons on your website, and use them to add new contacts to your GetResponse campaigns. To be able to do this, you need to set up an integration with PayPal. When creating a new button or modifying an existing one, edit the advanced variables to specify the campaign you want to use it with. Once this is done, people who click the button to purchase your products or services will be automatically subscribed to the selected campaign.


This integration works alongside our other PayPal integrations:

  • Integrate GetResponse and PayPal to add Buy Now buttons to messages and landing pages in your GetResponse account. See our step-by-step instructions to learn how to complete the integration.
  • Use our PayPal Notification integration for a quick and easy solution to configuring your buttons and adding contacts to one of your campaigns.


Before you begin

  • You need a PayPal Business or Premier account to use this integration.
  • Remember that new contacts are automatically added to a time-based autoresponder cycle if you’ve set it up for a given campaign.



How do I set up a Buy Now button to start adding new contacts?

You need to complete a two-step process. First, you edit Instant payment notifications. Then, you edit Advanced variables for the buttons you have in your PayPal account.


To edit Instant payment notifications


  1. Log into your PayPal account.
  2. Choose Profile in the top menu and click Profile and settings.
  3. Choose My selling tools.

My selling tools box

  1. Click Update next to Instant payment notifications. A new page opens.  You edit the instant payment notification details here.

IPN box when the page opens

  1. Enter in the Notification URL line. Then select Receive IPN messages (Enabled) and click Save.


URL added to IPN box

6. The Instant Payment Notification settings page opens. It confirms that the IPN feature is now on. Click Back to my profile to finish editing your buttons and setting up the integration.

settings confirmation page

Note: You can return to the settings page and turn off the IPN feature at any point.


To create a button and finish the integration

Note: If you’ve just finished editing the IPN and returned to My profile, click Update next to Manage my payment buttons. Then, go straight to step 4 in the instructions below.

Manage buttons page


If you’re returning to finish the integration:

  1. Log into your PayPal account.
  2. In the top menu, click Tools and select All tools from the list. A new page opens.

All tools menu

3. Navigate to the PayPal buttons tile and click it to open My Saved Buttons.

4. Under Related Items, click Create new button.

Create a new button link page

5. Complete Step 1 in the Create PayPal payment button. Select Buy Now for the button type and enter the item and payment information.

Step 1 editing the button

Note: Leave the Customize button boxes unselected. If you make any changes here, you won’t see the Email tab when you get to Add your button code to your webpage.

6. Optional: In Step 2, select Save button at PayPal.

7. In Step 3, specify the GetResponse campaign you want to add new contacts to. Enter custom= followed by the campaign name in the Advanced variables field. For example, if your campaign name is abc, you enter custom=abc (lowercase only, no special characters or spaces).

advanced variables edited

8. Click Create button to save the button and place it on your website or online store (you click Update button if you’re editing an existing one). A page with HTML and email code snippets opens. Use the HTML code snippet to place the button on your website or online store.

html snippet

If you want to create another button to add contacts to a different campaign, repeat steps 2-8.

You’re done! When someone makes a purchase, and when the payment status is marked as “Completed,” he or she is added to the campaign you specified.


Can I stop some buttons from adding new contacts?

If you don’t want to use a particular Buy Now button to add new contacts to your campaign, you need to customize its advanced features.

  1. In your PayPal account, go to My Saved Buttons.
  2. Select Edit from the Action menu next to the button you want to customize. A wizard opens.
  3. In Step 3, navigate to the Advanced variables section and enter custom=subscribe_no in the Add advanced variables field.

advanced variables field

4. Click Save Changes.