How can I add multiple tracking codes to my landing page?

You can use Google Tag Manager (GTM) to add more than one tracking code to your landing page. It’s the most convenient, secure, and effective way to add as many JavaScript codes as you need. This method doesn’t require you to edit your page code or won’t affect the performance of your landing page.

Adding multiple tracking codes

Before you start

If you don’t have an active Google Tag Manager, be sure to create one first.

  1. Create a GTM container. Please refer to Google Tag Manager Help for instructions on how to create a container.
  2. Integrate your GetResponse landing page with GTM. For instructions on how to do it, please refer to How do I integrate my landing pages with Google Tag Manager
  3. Add Google Analytics via GTM. Please refer to Google Analytics Help to learn how to install Goggle Analytics via Google Tag Manager.
  4. Add the Facebook pixel via GTM. Please refer to Facebook help resources for instructions on how to add the Facebook pixel.


What services can I use to add multiple tracking codes to landing pages?

You can add and launch any JavaSript code on your landing page. Here are just a few tools and services you can use to start receiving feedback:

  • HotJar

Please refer to HotJar Documentation to learn how to install the HotJar tracking code using GTM.

  • CrazyEgg

Please refer to CrazyEgg Help Center to learn how to add CrazyEgg as a new tag in GTM.

  • Qualaroo

Please refer to Qualaroo Help materials to learn how to add the Qualaroo JavaScript within GTM.

  • Survicate

Please refer to Survicate installation guides to learn how to install Survicate on your landing page using GTM.